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“Our test site had 800+ images, and it was ridiculously quick to organise them without the default media gallery slowdown. Was genuinely surprised how quick it is, and was expecting a major slow down or lag. If you are a dev, its a no brainer to purchase HappyFiles Pro with lifetime license.” – @killerbeez

Create & Manage Unlimited Folders

HappyFiles PRO let’s create & manage an unlimited number of media folders. The free version (but no longer available version) of HappyFiles was limited to a maximum of 10 folders.

Organize All Your Post Types & Plugins

Categorize all your post types with HappyFiles PRO: Posts, pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, orders, coupons, etc. You can organize even your plugins in folders.

SVG Upload, Sanitization & Preview

Enable SVG uploads in WordPress with automatic file sanitization and SVG file preview from the HappyFiles settings.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

Create & arrange your media folders as you would do on your computer. Add sub folders as many levels deep as you want.

Fast Media Management

Easily move media files individually or in bulk between folders. Create, rename, delete, and arrange your folders within seconds.

Create Galleries From Folders

Create beautiful, dynamic, and highly customisable galleries from your media folders. Either via the “happyfiles_gallery” shortcode, the “HappyFiles Gallery” Gutenberg block or Bricks element.

Bonus: Enable the highly customisable, built-in HappyFiles gallery lightbox.

Direct Upload To Any Folder

Select a media folder and upload your new files directly into it. Another great little time-saver. Available in your media library and the “Add New” media screen.

Resizable Sidebar

Resize HappyFiles’ media sidebar to your liking and toggle the sidebar on/off altogether when you have to. Your custom sidebar size setting will be saved.

Import Existing Media Folders from other Plugins

HappyFiles let’s you import media folders created by other media folder plugins with one click. And delete their plugin data afterwards with another click.

Importer is available for: FileBird, Enhanced Media Library, Folders (by Premio), Wicked Folders, Real Media Library, and WP Media Folder (by JoomUnited).

.. and some more features you'll love:

PRO: One-Click Plugin Updates

Enter your license key for update notifications, and update to the latest version with one-click directly from your dashboard.

Works With Your Favorite Tools

Seemless integration with popular tools like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Bricks, Oxygen, Brizy, Visual Composer etc.

Create & Assign Multiple Folders

Choose to assign your files to a single or unlimited folders. Create multiple folders at once by comma separating them.

Quick Folder Inspection & Browsing

Right click on any file to see all assigned folders, then click on any folder to instanstly browse into it.

100% Multisite Compatible

If you have got a WordPress multisite setup you can use HappyFiles on all your sub sites as well.

PRO: Whitelist/Blacklist Websites

Restrict one-click plugin updates to specific sites by white- and blacklisting them directly from your HappyFiles account.

Doesn’t Change Your File Paths

HappyFiles leaves your files paths and structure untouched. It simply sets custom taxonomy terms in your database.

Restrict Folder Management

Grant HappyFiles folder editing rights only to specific user roles to prevent unwanted folder changes.

Media Context Menu

Right click on any HappyFiles folder to instantly create, rename, and delete folders.

Right-To-Left Support (RTL)

HappyFiles supports RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

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The most-affordable premium media organizer for WordPress.
  • Lifetime Deal
    HappyFiles PRO
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    • Unlimited Media Folders
    • For Unlimited Websites
    • Lifetime Updates
    • One-Click Plugin Updates
    • Organize Any Post Type
    • Priority Support
    • Organize via Drag & Drop
    • Page Builder Integrations
    • Individual & Bulk Management
    • SVG Upload, Sanitization, Preview

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What Others Say About HappyFiles

Oh my goodness, HappyFiles is going to completely transform the way I handle information in WordPress. I set out to find a powerful media gallery plugin and ended up with something far better. The categorisation of post types is revolutionary! This is going to help so much.
HappyFiles is a great tool to have when developing websites for clients that have a lot of media files to manage. It is simple to use, and it is a wonderful companion to Beaver Builder.
This is the plug in I have been looking for. Simple intuitive interface, small footprint and works with my page builder. This should be core functionality!
Excellent media management plugin. Plus a very good price. The developer is very attentive to requests and the support is excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a free/trial version?

    The free, but limited version of HappyFiles has been retired in 2022.

    But you can grab a HappyFiles Pro license 100% risk-free thanks to the 60 day money-back guarantee. Just send me an email using the form below in case you need a refund.

    HappyFiles Pro is also the most affordable premium WordPress organizer/folder plugin for unlimited sites.

  • Can I use HappyFiles on all my sites?

    Yes, you can install & activate HappyFiles Pro Unlimited (incl. one-click updates) on all your sites and your client sites.

  • Does HappyFiles change my file URLs?

    No. HappyFiles only creates custom taxonomy term entries in your database. No actual folders are created on your server. All your file URLs stay intact & unchanged.

  • Is it possible to upload files directly into a folder?

    Yes. First select the folder you want to upload your files into. Then simply upload your file(s).

  • How do I remove a folder from a file?

    Simply drag and drop your file back into the “All Categories” or “Uncategorised” folder ūüėČ

  • How to create an image gallery from a folder?

    You can create dynamic image galleries from your HappyFiles categories via the “HappyFiles Gallery” Gutenberg block or the HappyFiles shortcode.

    The happyfiles_gallery shortcode has the following parameters:

    • categories: comma separated list of category names, slugs, or IDs (recommended to use IDs as they don’t change)
    • attachmentIds: comma separated list of attachment IDs
    • max: Specify the max. number of images you want to show (default: shows all images)
    • columns: Number of columns of your gallery (1 – 6)
    • orderBy: date (default), none, ID, author, name, title, type, modified, rand
    • order: ASC (ascending), DESC (descending)
    • imageSize: thumbnail, medium, large, full
    • linkTo: attachment, media, none (default)
    • includeChildren: Set to true to show images of sub categories
    • nocrop: Set to true to not crop your images (false by default)
    • caption: Set to true to show image caption (false by default)
    • lightbox: Set to true to show open your images in a browsable image lightbox
    • lightboxCaption: Show image caption in lightbox (false by default)
    • lightboxFullscreen: Set to true to add fullscreen functionality to your lightbox (optional)
    • lightboxThumbnails: Set to true to add thumbnail navigation to your lightbox (optional)
    • lightboxZoom: Set to true to add zoom functionality to your lightbox (optional)

    Let’s say you want to create a gallery that shows all the images of your media folders named “Cabins” and “Nature” in a four columns gallery, and link every image to its media file. The shortcode you’d use would be:
    [happyfiles_gallery categories="Cabins, Nature" columns="4" linkTo="media"]

  • How to create responsive HappyFiles galleries?
    By default, every HappyFiles gallery displays in a 3-column layout.
    If you build your website with Bricks use the “HappyFiles – Gallery” element in Bricks, switch to the breakpoint you want to edit, and set the “Column” visually.
    For all other implementations (Gutenberg, shortcode, etc.) you can to set the columns of your HappyFiles galleries per breakpoint through custom CSS like this:
    @media (max-width: 991px) {
    .happyfiles-gallery > ul.crop[data-col], .happyfiles-gallery >[data-col] {
        grid-template-columns: repeat(2,1fr);

    The code above displays 2-column HappyFiles galleries on screens up to 991px.

    Change the “991px” value and the “2” for the column count to your individual breakpoint requirements. And duplicate, and tweak the values for your other breakpoints.

  • How to assign folders programmatically?
    A HappyFiles folder is just a custom taxonomy term in your database. Meaning you can use WordPress core functions like wp_set_object_terms  to assign a file during upload via the add_attachment action hook to a specific folder.
    add_action( 'add_attachment', function( $attachment_id ) {
      $folder_id = 123; // Replace with HappyFiles folder ID you want this file to be assigned to
      // Assign uploaded attachment to HappyFiles folder
      wp_set_object_terms( $attachment_id, $folder_id, HAPPYFILES_TAXONOMY, false );
    } )

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